Global capability strategy and optimisation.

Building global capability is a big step, maximising the value global capability can deliver is a giant leap. Having the right strategy in place and the expertise to execute it makes all the difference.


Progress your capability up the maturity curve.


There are many factors to consider when forming a strategy and planning global capability. Cost can often be the primary catalyst for change however there are far broader benefits to be gained when a more holistic approach is taken.



Effectively navigating the risks in establishing and expanding global capability requires comprehensive analysis, evaluation and planning.



The key to global capability success. Putting in place the right model can significantly improve the business value potential.



Talent is the greatest asset to an organisation. Strategies for attracting and retaining the right talent are critical to success.



Enabling smooth transition which minimises impact and accelerates benefits.



Enhance performance, increase agility, improve effectiveness and efficiency of global capability.


Strategy & planning

Having a cohesive strategy and plan for building global capability maximises the business value it can deliver.

We facilitate the evaluation of optimal scope and priorities and advise on approach for building global capability.

We work with you to form a holistic workforce plan and transformation roadmap aligned to strategic objectives.

Strategic drivers and alignment

Current state assessment

Capability skills gap analysis

Re-imagine workforce of the future

Workforce forecasting and planning

Productivity and automation evaluation


Opportunity identification and assessment


Cost-benefit analysis

Risk assessment

Along with the significant benefits global capability can deliver, careful consideration must be given to the risks in establishing global capability.

We support our partners in evaluating the impacts of change and developing a comprehensive risk management plan. This is a critical step in preparing for change and enables a smooth and successful transition.

Current risk profile


Risk identification and analysis


Probability evaluation

Impact analysis

Risk management plan

Revised risk profile


Operating model & governance

A holistic view of the target state operating model is key to designing global capability that is integrated into the organisation and optimised for effectiveness and efficiency.

Operating model design will have a significant impact on the company culture and extent of benefits that can be realised through global capability. Defining the framework for governance, performance and continuous improvement is a core component in the future state design.

There isn’t one solution to suit all organisations, we work with you in designing a model that is right for your business.

Organisational design

Ways of working methodology and operating rhythm

Technology landscape

Performance and continuous improvement framework including KPIs and OKRs

Environment, social and governance (ESG) framework

Reporting and analytics

Talent acquisition

Market dynamics vary significantly across geographic regions. There are many factors to consider when forming a comprehensive sourcing and hiring strategy. Attracting high calibre talent with common company values is critical to creating the right culture. Seamless onboarding is key to creating a great employee experience.

We facilitate the end to end talent process from sourcing through to onboarding. We work together to form strategies that maximise employee experience, create an environment that enables continuous growth and development, and improve talent retention.

Role description development

Talent sourcing

Candidate screening

Evaluation and assessment


Talent selection and onboarding

Contract management

Transition change management

Successfully navigating through the transition framework, enabling a smooth path to global capability, is a complex undertaking. The change is felt across the organisation and can create undue anxiety and impact on staff morale when poorly managed.

Effective change management, training, communications, and engagement with employees and external stakeholders has a significant impact. Equiping leadership with the support required to lead the change is critical to success.

We support you in progressing through the transition framework and navigating organisational change to achieve the best outcome.

Change impact analysis


Change management and communications plan

Learning & development program design

Role specific and cultural diversity training

Leadership training and support

Transition management and performance


In order to maximise the benefit global capability can deliver, organisations must progress their capability up the maturity curve. Progression requires development across a number of dimensions in order to unlock full business value that drives innovation, business growth and enables competitive advantage.

We support our partners in evaluating scope, optimising operating model and tuning global capability to enable them to realise uplift in performance and increase the business value achieved.

Evaluate scope and scale of global capability

Enhance operating rhythm, engagement, and collaboration

Improve ways of working and agility